Four Tips to Help Ensure Rx Success for Seniors

Managing medications is a part of growing older, and many seniors rely on their prescription medicines to be able to enjoy a good quality of life. For a large number of older individuals, the number of prescriptions to manage can be overwhelming, and the side effects that can present themselves while on multiple medications can introduce special challenges for seniors, their families and their caregivers. Fortunately, loved ones and caregivers can successfully help seniors manage medicines if they follow some simple, but effective tips. To help those who care for an aging loved one, here are four tips that can help to ensure that prescription medicines are taken properly, in the right dosages, and at the right times: Be Present and Pay Attention Perhaps your most important job as a caregiver is simply paying attention to your senior. When things like sleep patterns and appetite undergo changes, it’s up to you to investigate. It may just be a blip on the radar, but it might be due to


Seniors and Vacations — 7 Tips for Success

Family vacations are no longer all about Mom and Dad taking the kids somewhere special; they’re turning into opportunities for the kids to take Mom and Dad somewhere special! Seniors are living longer, more active lives, and they are no longer content to simply sit at home and wait for the slideshow later. Today’s older individuals often want to tag along. And their kids are taking them in greater and greater numbers! If you’re considering a vacation with an older family member, there are some things that you should keep in mind during the planning stages to ensure a satisfying trip. #1 — Take Note of Mobility Concerns If Mom or Dad is having trouble getting around, you will have to factor that into your planning. Consider arranging for a wheelchair at the airport, and make sure that there are alternatives to physically demanding activities on your itinerary. #2 — Accommodations and Amenities When you book accommodations, make sure that they will be comfortable for your agin