Five Miraculous Benefits of Music for Seniors

No matter what a person’s age or background, participation in the arts can provide a significant life enhancement. Music, in particular, is important in peoples’ lives, whether they simply enjoy escaping into their headphones at night or they devote their lives to learning and mastering an instrument. It allows people to connect with their emotions and thoughts in ways that would not otherwise be possible, and it brings people together in ways that cannot be duplicated through other means. For seniors, music is the special ingredient that can give life meaning and joy in retirement age. For older individuals, the sound of music can represent the sound of life itself, bringing feelings of youthfulness and vitality while stirring up pleasant memories. It’s magical stuff, and experts aren’t always sure exactly why music is so healing and helpful for seniors. However, there is a ton of evidence that shows that music really is one of the most essential elements in a healthy, happy