Seniors and Finances — Helping Loved Ones Make Ends Meet

Handling the financial aspects of life is always a challenge, no matter how rich or poor you may be. But for seniors, managing money can be especially demanding. Economic conditions, though they have certainly improved in recent years, are not Read more


Three Tips for Helping an Aging Loved One With Finances

For seniors, the rapid changes that occur in such a highly connected and technological world can be completely overwhelming. Many older individuals have seen quantum changes in all aspects of life, from transportation, to culture, to politics, to the map of the world and everything else in between. But if you had to choose a single aspect of our world that’s the most confusing to individuals who grew up in a different time, it might be money. When your parent or grandparent learned how to handle money, things were much simpler. Money was an actual, physical thing that you could touch and hold; not just a number on a computer screen. The world has also gotten increasingly cluttered with scams and schemes designed to separate people from their hard-earned money, and the scammers behind these operations tend to target older people, who might not be as financially savvy as those who grew up in this complicated era. How Can You Help a Senior With Finances? Thankfully, you and other trust

Helping Seniors with the Changing Seasons

One of the most important things we can do for the senior members of our communities is help them handle change. Dealing with big changes like the loss of friends and loved ones is important, but there are a number of other changes that, while they might be easy for us handle, present larger challenges for the aging population. The changing of seasons represents one of those challenges, but caregivers and family members can offer support that gives seniors the right perspective to handle the transitions that happen four times each calendar year. Transitioning into Winter Easing into winter is one of the more difficult seasonal challenges that seniors face. Why? Loved ones aren t as available for visiting and socializing Grandchildren are deep into their school activities, leaving little time for relating to Grandma or Grandpa The weather is getting colder and more unpleasant In many areas, the weather creates stressful, more dangerous situations Keeping the home safe and comfortable r

Helping Seniors Handle Grief and Loss

Losing people in one s life is never easy, but we tend to think that when people of a certain age pass away, it s okay because that person experienced a rich, full life. But what about the people who are left behind – the spouses, the best friends and the morning coffee-club conversation partners? When seniors lose friends, acquaintances and loved ones, they experience just as much grief and loss as anyone else. Understanding this fact is important for family members and caregivers, but what s critical is learning how to help seniors handle their grief and loss in a healthy manner. You Don t Have to Do it Alone When a senior loved one in your life has experienced a loss and you re the primary caregiver, you may feel a sense of duty that compels you to be the sole provider of emotional support. It doesn t have to be this way. Don t hesitate to enlist family members or friends so that they can offer their love and support, as well. Pay Attention Although grief affects different people