How to Help a Senior Loved One with Hearing Loss

The ability to communicate is a big part of what holds the world together. Speaking and listening form the foundation of interpersonal communication, but we often take those abilities for granted. However, things tend to change as people grow older. Read more


Dealing with Hearing Loss

About one-in-three people between 65 and 74 have significant hearing problems and nearly 50 percent of people 85 and older deal with hearing loss. Whether it’s mild or severe, hearing loss is a serious concern, as it can be a safety issue for us as we age in life. Hearing loss affects the lives of the elderly in many ways. It can cause them to become isolated, as their inability to hear what others are saying leaves them out of many conversations. It can also cause them not to notice noises that could alert them to danger, such as the sound of an oncoming vehicle or an oven buzzer. Older Americans should see a doctor about possible hearing loss if they experience: Difficulty in hearing over the telephone Trouble following conversations Needing to turn up the television to the point that others complain Frequently hearing what others are saying as mumbling Difficulty in hearing high-pitched voices If you are having trouble hearing, the medical professional to see is the otolaryngolog