Four Surprising Benefits of Gardening for Seniors

For older individuals, getting outside and enjoying the spring and summer months is essential, but finding activities that are appropriate for the weather — and for aging bodies — can be challenging. That’s why gardening is such a favorite activity among the senior set. Perhaps you are caring for an aging loved one who could use some more activity in their life. If this is the case, encouraging them to build and tend a small garden is a terrific idea. There are many benefits to gardening, some of which might surprise you! Benefit #1: It Reduces Stress Gardening is one of the best ways for seniors to reduce various bodily stresses and strains. That goes for the mind, too. Gardening offers many opportunities for getting into a calm, meditative state, which can help to reduce feelings of stress, which, in turn, can lead to better sleep and a higher quality of life, in general. Benefit #2: It Can Help Prevent Disease Being outside and active in the fresh air keeps the body flexible


Gardening for Older Adults

More than 78 million Americans enjoy the benefits of gardening, including millions of older adults. Gardening provides an open-air sanctuary from the stresses of everyday life, restoring physical, mental and spiritual strength to all who play in the dirt. Unfortunately, many older adults think they have to give up gardening as they age. These tips make gardening easier, extending the lifespan of all those experienced green thumbs out there.