3 Big Benefits of Proper Hydration for Seniors

The human body is an amazing machine that s made up of many important parts. But did you know that it s comprised of about 60% water? It s amazing to think about, but it s true: every single one of us is mostly Read more


Five Miraculous Benefits of Music for Seniors

No matter what a person’s age or background, participation in the arts can provide a significant life enhancement. Music, in particular, is important in peoples’ lives, whether they simply enjoy escaping into their headphones at night or they devote their lives to learning and mastering an instrument. It allows people to connect with their emotions and thoughts in ways that would not otherwise be possible, and it brings people together in ways that cannot be duplicated through other means. For seniors, music is the special ingredient that can give life meaning and joy in retirement age. For older individuals, the sound of music can represent the sound of life itself, bringing feelings of youthfulness and vitality while stirring up pleasant memories. It’s magical stuff, and experts aren’t always sure exactly why music is so healing and helpful for seniors. However, there is a ton of evidence that shows that music really is one of the most essential elements in a healthy, happy

Four Surprising Benefits of Gardening for Seniors

For older individuals, getting outside and enjoying the spring and summer months is essential, but finding activities that are appropriate for the weather — and for aging bodies — can be challenging. That’s why gardening is such a favorite activity among the senior set. Perhaps you are caring for an aging loved one who could use some more activity in their life. If this is the case, encouraging them to build and tend a small garden is a terrific idea. There are many benefits to gardening, some of which might surprise you! Benefit #1: It Reduces Stress Gardening is one of the best ways for seniors to reduce various bodily stresses and strains. That goes for the mind, too. Gardening offers many opportunities for getting into a calm, meditative state, which can help to reduce feelings of stress, which, in turn, can lead to better sleep and a higher quality of life, in general. Benefit #2: It Can Help Prevent Disease Being outside and active in the fresh air keeps the body flexible

Aging Individuals and the Arts — Tremendous Benefits for Seniors

Healthy aging is dependent upon a number of factors. A good diet that provides balanced nutrition can extend lifespans, increase energy levels and improve mood. Regular physical activity can strengthen muscles, bones, joints and even internal organs, leading to longer, healthier lives. An active social life is also crucial when it comes to combatting loneliness, depression and other challenges that affect seniors. These areas are talked about a lot when people discuss healthy aging. One aspect that doesn’t get mentioned as much in the discussion about how to enable healthy aging is the power of creativity. When aging individuals engage with the arts, whether it’s through direct creative expression or through simply experiencing them, overall quality of life improves considerably! Seniors Expressing Themselves through Art Seniors in our culture don’t have many avenues of expression available to them, unfortunately. We live in a young person’s society, where it seems like everyt

Companionship Services and the Psychological Benefits of Senior Care

When it comes to the lives of seniors, depression and isolation are major concerns. As people get older they often become less mobile, causing them to have less interaction with friends, family members and the communities that surround them. If they do not drive or have trouble getting from place to place, they are also less likely to attend events and social/family gatherings. In 2009, a small study was conducted where it was found that anxiety, depression and even heart disease were more prevalent in participants who had fewer social ties. Loneliness, it was found, could also cause an increase in incidents of accidents, suicides and heart-disease-related deaths. San Diego Senior Companionship Services Seniors can improve their much-needed social connections considerably through the use of companionship services. They form strong bonds with in home caregivers because regular contact occurs, creating space for friendship to grow. There is great comfort in simply knowing that someone w

Take a Walk! Five Major Benefits for Seniors

When it comes to staying healthy in one’s senior years, the importance of regular exercise cannot be overstated. Exercise keeps the body young and strong, and it can even improve mood and mental health. Unfortunately, appropriate exercise routines for seniors are difficult to find. As people age, their bodies change, lose power and experience diminished flexibility, making exercises that younger people perform less than ideal, and in some cases dangerous. Thankfully, one of the best exercises a person can perform is also one of the least impactful on the body. Walking is something that almost everyone does on a daily basis, but it’s also one of the most powerful forms of exercise, especially for seniors. If you’re concerned about a senior in your life who isn’t getting the exercise they need to stay healthy and fit, take a look at these five benefits of walking! #1 — Walking Reduces the Risk of Contracting and Suffering From Numerous Diseases Going for a walk every day has b

The Top Traits of In-Home Caregivers

The list of benefits associated with in-home senior care for the aging population is a long one, but the bottom line is that seniors simply live longer, happier and more fulfilled lives when they re able to remain in the comfort of their homes. Of course, the key to making it all work is the dedication and service of in-home caregivers. But not all caregivers are the same – as is the case with any other profession, some people are just better suited for it than others. Are you considering in-home senior care for your loved one? Be sure to look for the following essential caregiver traits when you evaluate your options! Enthusiasm and Love The most successful people at any job are the ones who truly love their work. This is especially true when it comes to senior caregivers. Take a look at Always Best Care s Caregiver of the Year, Quandra Conner – she excels at her work, and impacts the lives of her clients in a hugely positive way. It s all because she loves what she does, and she