7 Ways to Tell When It’s Time for In-Home Care

When an aging family member or loved one can t live safely on their own anymore, there are numerous options available today, ranging from non medical in-home care a couple of times a week to full, 24-hour care in a skilled Read more


Does Positive Thinking Have a Real Impact on Aging?

Positive thinking is a term that gets thrown around a lot in our world, and some people discuss it as if it’s a cure-all for every ailment and malady imaginable. Obviously, just thinking positively isn’t going to provide a miracle Read more

Three Tips for Helping an Aging Loved One With Finances

For seniors, the rapid changes that occur in such a highly connected and technological world can be completely overwhelming. Many older individuals have seen quantum changes in all aspects of life, from transportation, to culture, to politics, to the map of the world and everything else in between. But if you had to choose a single aspect of our world that’s the most confusing to individuals who grew up in a different time, it might be money. When your parent or grandparent learned how to handle money, things were much simpler. Money was an actual, physical thing that you could touch and hold; not just a number on a computer screen. The world has also gotten increasingly cluttered with scams and schemes designed to separate people from their hard-earned money, and the scammers behind these operations tend to target older people, who might not be as financially savvy as those who grew up in this complicated era. How Can You Help a Senior With Finances? Thankfully, you and other trust

3 Tips for Creating the Perfect Space for Aging in Place

Today’s elderly population is blazing a new trail for seniors in many ways. Aging individuals in our modern world are living longer, more active lives, and they are participating more in society than any previous generation in their retirement years. As a result, they are eschewing typical lifestyle choices and patterns of the past in favor of new ways of living. For many seniors, this means living and aging at home where they are comfortable and secure. This desire has created a huge demand for in home senior care services, and it’s also made family members and other loved ones reconsider how to provide support. These days, family members aren’t worried about putting Mom or Dad in a home; they are concerned with how to make sure Mom or Dad’s home is fit for aging in place safely and comfortably. If you’re concerned about a family member who insists on aging in place, there are some simple steps you can take to make sure conditions at home are ideal and appropriate for healt

Aging Individuals and the Arts — Tremendous Benefits for Seniors

Healthy aging is dependent upon a number of factors. A good diet that provides balanced nutrition can extend lifespans, increase energy levels and improve mood. Regular physical activity can strengthen muscles, bones, joints and even internal organs, leading to longer, healthier lives. An active social life is also crucial when it comes to combatting loneliness, depression and other challenges that affect seniors. These areas are talked about a lot when people discuss healthy aging. One aspect that doesn’t get mentioned as much in the discussion about how to enable healthy aging is the power of creativity. When aging individuals engage with the arts, whether it’s through direct creative expression or through simply experiencing them, overall quality of life improves considerably! Seniors Expressing Themselves through Art Seniors in our culture don’t have many avenues of expression available to them, unfortunately. We live in a young person’s society, where it seems like everyt