Understanding — and Eliminating — Senior-Living Fears

Fear often arises out of the unknown. When you’re confident about what’s going to happen next and what’s around the corner, there’s no need to be scared, but when you’re unsure of what the next days, weeks, months and years might bring, it’s easy to become fearful about the future. For seniors, these fears can be debilitating if they’re not addressed and eased by the people caring for them. Seniors who are faced with transitions in their living situations can easily become fearful because they are concerned about their worlds being turned upside down overnight. They often envision worst-case scenarios (as so many of us do during times of upheaval), and they tend to feel like no one understands their concerns. If you are caring for a loved one or family member who is concerned about changes in their living situation — whether it’s the need for a regular in home caregiver or a placement into assisted living — there are some things you can do to make the senior in you


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