Aging Individuals and the Arts — Tremendous Benefits for Seniors

Healthy aging is dependent upon a number of factors. A good diet that provides balanced nutrition can extend lifespans, increase energy levels and improve mood. Regular physical activity can strengthen muscles, bones, joints and even internal organs, leading to longer, healthier lives. An active social life is also crucial when it comes to combatting loneliness, depression and other challenges that affect seniors. These areas are talked about a lot when people discuss healthy aging. One aspect that doesn’t get mentioned as much in the discussion about how to enable healthy aging is the power of creativity. When aging individuals engage with the arts, whether it’s through direct creative expression or through simply experiencing them, overall quality of life improves considerably! Seniors Expressing Themselves through Art Seniors in our culture don’t have many avenues of expression available to them, unfortunately. We live in a young person’s society, where it seems like everyt


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