Companionship Services and the Psychological Benefits of Senior Care

When it comes to the lives of seniors, depression and isolation are major concerns. As people get older they often become less mobile, causing them to have less interaction with friends, family members and the communities that surround them. If they do not drive or have trouble getting from place to place, they are also less likely to attend events and social/family gatherings. In 2009, a small study was conducted where it was found that anxiety, depression and even heart disease were more prevalent in participants who had fewer social ties. Loneliness, it was found, could also cause an increase in incidents of accidents, suicides and heart-disease-related deaths. San Diego Senior Companionship Services Seniors can improve their much-needed social connections considerably through the use of companionship services. They form strong bonds with in home caregivers because regular contact occurs, creating space for friendship to grow. There is great comfort in simply knowing that someone w


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