Seniors and Prescription Drug Misuse — Seeing the Signs

Prescription drug misuse is a serious problem around the world, affecting all kinds of people. From the rich to the impoverished and from all walks of life, people aren’t always immune to misuse. Misuse happens for a number of reasons, from confusion about prescription recommendations to an inability to handle unpleasant side effects. In some cases, medications are taken at doses that are higher than recommended. Other times, patients don’t take what they’re supposed to. The point is that misuse of medication can be dealt with in a way that’s non judgmental — it affects everyone and the only way to stop it is to treat situations involving misuse with dignity and a plan to offer real, workable solutions. One of the groups that’s most affected by prescription drug misuse is the senior population. This fact doesn’t automatically occur to everyone; when the average individual is asked to picture someone who misuses drugs, they tend to think up images of younger, immature peo


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