Dealing With Dementia: Three Tips for Better Senior Care

Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia such as Parkinson’s Disease affect millions of seniors and their families around the country. Individuals who suffer from these diseases experience monumental changes in their lives, but the sad fact of it all is that many of them go through symptoms and changes associated with dementia without even knowing or understanding what’s happening to them. Thankfully, family members and caregivers of dementia patients are there to provide assistance and loving care. However, it must be noted that dementia patients require a special kind of care. If you’re responsible for the care of a loved one who suffers from a form of dementia, it’s important that you know the right way to provide help. Here are three tips that can help you and other caregivers provide precisely what dementia patients require to be safe, comfortable and at ease. #1 — Be Patient and Avoid Escalation One of the saddest aspects of Alzheimer’s Disease and other typ


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