Aging and the Senses: How to Deal With Loss

It usually starts to become noticeable as middle age approaches — hearing clearly in conversations becomes more difficult; reading requires more effort and glasses become essential for adequate vision. The diminishment of hearing and vision are common for everyone, but these changes are generally accepted as a natural part of the aging process. And most people navigate through the changes successfully, adapting to life and making the necessary adjustments, often with the help of loved ones and others. Unfortunately, it isn’t just hearing and vision that diminish as a person grows old. In fact, the loss or diminishment of multiple sense is quite common among older individuals: some estimates indicate that up to 94% of older people experience the loss of at least one of the five senses. New Information Sheds Light on Sensory Loss A recent study performed by the National Social Life, Health, and Aging Project in conjunction with the University of Chicago looked at 3,000 adults in the


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