Keeping Seniors Comfortable in a Noisy World

When the world is loud, it’s very difficult to focus and pay attention. Unfortunately, the world seems to be getting louder and noisier by the day. This creates particular difficulty for seniors, many of whom have experienced hearing loss. Sounds blend together when they are in the midst of groups of people or are simply out and about taking care of errands or shopping. The inability to hear clearly and make sense of the world can lead to many seniors choosing to stay inside and avoid social situations. Obviously, this isn’t a good solution — such isolation can lead to depression and a major loss of vitality. So what are senior caregivers and loved ones to do? Thankfully, there are some strategies that seniors, their caregivers and their loved ones can employ to ensure a more pleasant experience, even in the midst of a society that can’t get any noisier. Accept and Prepare One of the best things seniors and their caregivers can do is prepare for noisy social situations before


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