Depression and Aging: Is It Normal?

When many people think about aging and the aging process, they assume that depression is a normal, routine part of growing old. While it’s true that many seniors become depressed in their later years, the two things are actually not related. In fact, depression in old age is not normal. Seniors can avoid depression and live rich, fulfilling active lives, but it’s important to know the signs of depression and to participate in some activities that can keep the debilitating condition at bay. Depression Triggers in Old Age Causes for depression are difficult to pinpoint, but when you look at some of the common life events for seniors, it’s easy to see how they might be more likely to become depressed. Seniors are faced with more life changes more frequently than just about any other group of people. They experience the deaths of friends, family members and other loved ones at a higher rate than other age groups, and they are often faced with their own mortality and/or weakness with


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