Hitting the Century Mark: More Seniors Are Reaching 100

People are living longer lives these days. In fact, more and more seniors are living to — and past — the so-called “century mark” of 100 years. Three-digit birthdays are being celebrated with much more frequency lately, and families are enjoying the company of their oldest and wisest members for longer than ever. This is all wonderful news, but it also reminds us of the importance of high-quality senior care. Seniors Are Living Longer, but Are They Living Well? When it comes to living a long life, most people would agree that the quality of life is much more important than reaching a certain age or benchmark. These days, with so many people living past the age of 100, it’s critical to understand how these amazing individuals wish to spend their time. For most aging individuals, staying at home in comfortable, familiar spaces with regular routines is the key to making sure that life stays rich and fulfilling, regardless of age. Staying at home is a great way to ensure that se


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