8 Amazing Activities Seniors and Kids Can Do Together

The holiday season has come and gone, and the calendar that was once so full of events and activity has become empty. For seniors, this can be a lonely time. However, it’s also a tough time for kids who have just experienced the magical wonder of family time during the holidays, but now have to go back to their own daily routines. Thankfully, these two groups (seniors and kids) have more in common than most people might think. With that in mind, here is a list of activities that members of the elderly population can enjoy with their younger counterparts: #1 Arts & Crafts Projects Crafting is cool! Just take a look at Pinterest or perform a Google search to find some amazing projects that can help aging individuals connect with their more youthful friends and family members. #2 Baking and Cooking Everybody loves to eat, and working together to prepare some simple recipes is a wonderful way for seniors to exchange wisdom with their grandchildren. #3 Enjoy Nature Regardless of age, spe


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