Seniors and Pets – Advice for a Great Relationship

One of the most heartbreaking downsides to aging is a growing sense of loneliness. People retire from their jobs, which causes the loss of a significant social center, and as they grow older, they watch as their peers pass away or move on to other parts of the world. Families grow, but they also become more splintered as sons and daughters take on the responsibilities of raising their own families, leaving less time to spend with the older generation. This is simply a fact of life in our society, but many seniors have been able to find meaningful companionship – and often an entirely new lease on life – through pet ownership. Are you caring for a loved one who seems to be suffering from loneliness or a lack of companionship? Getting a pet is a wonderful idea! However, it s important to follow some crucial pieces of advice to ensure that the relationship is beneficial for all involved. Choosing the Right Animal When selecting a pet, it s important to choose a companion that meshes


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