Winter Is Coming – Five Cold-Weather Tips for Senior Safety

Temperatures are dropping and the leaves are falling off their branches. Holiday decorations are popping up in our communities and families are preparing for visitors and feasts. The days are also getting shorter, and weather-related dangers are becoming more prevalent, especially for seniors. Winter is coming, and if you re caring for an aging loved one, it s a great time to acquaint yourself with some tips that will help you ensure safety and security during this unique time of year. Here are five can t-miss cold-weather tips for senior safety! #1 – Fight the Ice! Slips and falls are all-too common among seniors, particularly during the icy winter months. Although youngsters have the ability to pop right back up to their feet after a wintry slip and fall, aging bodies aren t nearly as resilient. In fact, winter slips and falls among the elderly can lead to serious injuries. You can help your loved one avoid slipping by making sure they use footwear with good traction. You can also


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