A Special History Lesson: Encouraging Seniors to Share Their Stories

People tend to grow more reflective as they advance in age, and they often spend considerable time reminiscing about the past and their life experiences. Sadly, it s all too easy to ignore the stories told by the elderly population in our society. But by encouraging seniors to tell those stories, everyone benefits. If you re caring for an aging loved one, your life is probably hectic. However, by spending time listening, asking questions and encouraging the telling of a life story, you can enrich your life and provide an important platform. Seniors represent our history, and the lessons they can teach us are profound. That s why it s so important to allow them the space and support to express their memories and wisdom. When that happens, everybody wins. Here s how you can help your senior tell their story: #1 – Recording Reminiscences One of the best ways to encourage seniors to share their stories is to turn the process into a project. Record storytelling sessions on video and make


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