Seeing the Signs – How to Tell if Your Elderly Loved One Needs Help

People grow up becoming accustomed to their parents being strong, dependable and independent. Unfortunately, the aging process can diminish certain qualities in our loved ones, but we don t always know how to tell when it s time to step in and offer extra help or care. Moreover, the people who raised us aren t usually too keen on letting us know that they can t do it all alone anymore. If you re wondering if you need to step in and offer help when it comes to the care of an aging loved one, here are some signs to look for. Raiding the Fridge How is your elderly loved one eating? Are they getting enough of the right nutrition, or are they subsisting on easy-to-prepare but nutritionally bankrupt processed foods? Check out the refrigerator and pantry to see if Mom or Dad is eating right. If not, it s time to intervene. Bills, Bills, Bills! If your parent has always kept up with bills and other responsibilities, but seems to be slipping, you may need to step in to offer your assistance. A


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