Seeing the Light – Three Tips to Help Aging Eyes

As people grow older, they often grow wiser, but they typically end up experiencing some diminished physical abilities as a tradeoff. For many older people, the diminishment of certain senses is something that they re unprepared for, and they simply resign themselves to living with a certain amount of difficulty. However, there are numerous things family members and caregivers can do that offset the erosion of these abilities. When it comes to the sense of sight, there s usually no need to give up activities as long as adjustments can be made, and most of those adjustments are easy to implement. More often than not, it comes down to making sure there s enough quality light so that seniors can enjoy all of the activities that have become essential to their routines. What can you do to help? More Light! As people age, their retinas lose the ability to take in as much light as they did when they were younger. If the senior in your life complains of troubles reading or performing certain


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