Yoga Is Not Just for the Young!

If it seems like yoga has become a lot more mainstream in the last few years, you re not just imagining things – the ancient practice has seen quite a resurgence lately here in the United States, especially among those who may have shown little interest in the past. New yoga studios are opening every day in cities across the country, and it s becoming a popular alternative for those who want to stay fit, but are discouraged by the injury problems and rigors associated with traditional forms of physical fitness such as jogging or lifting weights. Although the current yoga boom has taken place largely within the under-50 segment of the population, it has extended into other demographics, as well. In fact, yoga has become a hot new fitness option for seniors, too! We ve all heard about the benefits associated with practicing yoga, but what are the specific benefits that seniors can experience from the practice? Let s take a look! #1 – No Strain, No Pain For seniors, one of the most d


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