Caring too Much – Solutions for Stressed-Out Caregivers

As people continue to live longer lives, the strain placed on family caregivers of the elderly grows dangerously. Children of seniors are spending more of their own lives looking after Mom or Dad, and in many cases, it s causing them to neglect their needs, health and other family responsibilities. This issue isn t going to go away any time soon – life expectancies continue to rise along with the costs of health care – but solutions are emerging that will allow families to restore some balance and make sure that seniors are well cared for without necessitating suffering on the part of their family caregivers. Are You Caring too Much? Let s face it: when it comes to your job, you probably know when it s time to take a break and take care of yourself. But when your loved ones are concerned, everything else takes a back seat to their safety and care. It s simply harder to say, “no,” when the person who helped to raise you needs help living a comfortable life. The current generati


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