Nutrition Tips for Seniors to Live Longer – and Healthier – Lives

“You are what you eat.” That saying is just as true for seniors as it is for growing children, but seniors don t always make the best choices when it comes to nutrition. For many older individuals, the work that goes into preparing healthy meals is sacrificed in favor of convenience, which often leads to less healthy choices. Thankfully, there are some things seniors and caregivers can do to ensure a nutritious diet without breaking the bank or cutting into quality time. Better Snacks Seniors have different appetites than younger individuals, which means that they often “graze” throughout the day instead of eating large meals. Unfortunately, the snack foods that older folks have easiest access to are not always the most healthy. One solution is to switch out the chips and candy with nuts. Want motivation? A recent study concluded that people aged 55-90 who eat nuts regularly had a 39 percent lower risk of premature death. Better Meals at Home People who cook at home five times


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