Seniors and Modern Technology – Bridging the Gap

With each passing year, more and more people can say that they ve lived most of their lives in a world where the presence of amazing digital technology is the norm. Most millennials have never had to dial a rotary phone – in fact, the term “dialing” is something of a throwback that many people will never truly understand – and many members of our society seem to be so connected to their smartphones that they ve become extensions of their bodies. Today s seniors, though they may be more technologically adept than any senior generation in the history of the world, often struggle with things like laptops, tablets, smartphones and the like. For many of them, this type of technology simply didn t exist for most of their lives, making the learning curve incredibly steep. However, as technology becomes increasingly important, it s critical to make sure that seniors can experience the same benefits as everyone else when it comes to connecting with friends and family, enjoying digital


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