Have You Heard These Five Common Aging Myths?

Much has been said about the senior generation and the lives that they live. Unfortunately, not all of it is based in fact. Join us as we debunk five of the most common myths about aging! #1 – Dementia Is Inevitable This one has been scaring people for some time now, and with seniors living longer and longer lives, it s become increasingly persistent. Thankfully, it s just not true! Dementia is common enough to warrant concern from the medical community and from family members of seniors; however, it is far from inevitable. Recently, doctors examined the brain of a 115-year-old woman who, when she died, was the world s oldest person. No evidence of dementia or other disorders was found, and testing throughout her senior years revealed no loss in brain function. If you re concerned about dementia, you can be proactive by taking some simple steps that will help you avoid the disease and its symptoms. Staying mentally and physically well during middle age can help people avoid dementia


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