Social Seniors – Nurturing Connections in the Golden Years

Life is full of milestones and transitions. Birthdays, graduations, marriages, retirements and other life events provide people with memorable signposts that they use to recall and reflect upon what they ve experienced. Milestones and transitions are particularly important when individuals become older and reach retirement age and beyond. Leaving a job after many years of service and watching as family members grow, change and move can cause anxiety, and these challenges are often exacerbated by the erosion of social contact during aging. Seniors and Social Connections Transitioning throughout life is made much easier by connecting with other people and sharing experiences. Sadly, seniors have a much more difficult time than others when it comes to maintaining a strong social circle on which to rely. Younger individuals make and maintain connections through school, work or participating in group activities outside the home. But seniors don t always have those outlets available to them


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