Proposed Senate Bill to Increase Senior Home Care Funding

A pair of United States Senators introduced a bill to increase access to senior home care for more Americans than ever before. The bill aims to keep elderly Americans out of more expensive settings like nursing homes by giving them better access to in-home care. The bill, introduced by both a Democrat and a Republican, is largely concerned with the federal government s role in paying for long-term, institutionalized care. The proponents of the bill note that care in nursing homes often costs senior citizens a great deal of money, placing an undue financial burden on both the state and the senior citizens. Furthermore, the proponents cite the desire of most seniors to stay in their own homes as long as possible and the fact that there is not currently legislation in place to help them do so. The need for non-medical home care is great among seniors who do not want to sell their homes or move into a managed facility. This legislation is meant to be a bridge to coverage for those who nee