How Senior Care Services Can Improve a Senior’s Diet

Although senior care centers generally strive to create an environment conducive for the elderly to spend their sunset years in dignity, such centers can never really provide an environment similar to one’s home. Unfortunately, seniors often aren’t able to remain in their homes alone because they are likely to face health and mobility challenges at some point. Such challenges make it difficult for senior citizens to perform their daily duties and activities such as cooking, house cleaning, washing, gardening, grooming, shopping, going to the hospital for regular medical checkups, as well as taking care of pets.

This is where elder care assistance comes in handy by helping an elderly person perform the duties described above. In addition, an elder care professional can help a senior citizen prepare a good diet plan. This is particularly important because diet plays a big role in the health and wellbeing of the elderly. For instance, seniors should include fish oils in their diet plans.

According to a study carried out by British researchers, omega-3 fatty acids can help seniors improve muscle mass. However, one must combine these fatty acids with regular exercise to enjoy this benefit. The results of this study showed that women 65 years and older are likely to double their muscle mass if they exercise while taking omega-3 fatty acids. This is particularly important because people tend to lose muscle mass as they age.

Besides counteracting age related muscle mass loss, omega-3 fatty acids can keep your skin looking younger and supple. Good sources of omega-3 fatty acids include oily fish species such as sardines and mackerel. Of course, you can also take fish oil supplements.

A Word of Caution on Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplements


When buying fish oil supplements, you should consider certain factors carefully. To start with, go for supplements that contain DHA and EPA. Secondly, buy pesticide-free and pure supplements. Thirdly, exercise regularly to benefit from increased muscle mass. Fourthly, make sure your diet consists of healthy foods.

How Non-Medical Home Care Can Help

The elderly can age gracefully in their own homes provided they have an in home senior care professional to help them cook, wash, go shopping, bath, and attend medical appointments. In addition, a good diet, especially omega-3 rich foods/, is necessary to help seniors avoid natural muscle mass loss.


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