New Study Urges Policy Changes for Dementia Care

The RAND Corporation recently released a report detailing important policy changes needed to ease the burden of long-term dementia care. The organization noted that dementia care poses a substantial burden on caretakers and urges changes to how dementia care is provided. The study noted that 15 percent of people over 70 suffered from dementia. About a third of family caregivers reported being stressed by taking care of relatives with dementia, with much of the stress being caused by the financial burden. The RAND Corporation examined care data and developed five major suggestions. The report urged the following changes: Increased public awareness aimed at reducing the stigma associated with dementia and the promotion of early detection of the condition. Better access to long-term service and support, including home and community-based services. Better training for caregivers is also urged. Promotion of high quality care dedicated to the needs of dementia sufferers and their caregivers


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