Walking Works Wonders

Recent studies show that regular walks can be the dividing line between good health and poor health for seniors. According to a recent University of Georgia study, walking offers health benefits and helps older people stay independent. In the study, researchers split subjects into walkers and non-walkers. The walkers began by taking 10 minute walks, and later increased to taking 40 minute walks. Both the walking group and the control group were tested on aerobic capacity and physical ability by researchers before and after the study. After four months, the study found that: Physical function results increased by 25 percent for the walkers, but decreased in the control group. Disability risk also decreased significantly for the control group. Peak aerobic capacity also increased for the walkers, growing by nearly 20 percent. Peak aerobic capacity declined for the non-walkers by about 9 percent. Aerobic capacity is important, as it helps provide the energy people need to accomplish phys


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