Staying Socially Active in Assisted Living

One of the biggest concerns many seniors have when going into assisted living is staying socially active. Interacting with others stimulates the brain and is important to staving off feelings of loneliness and isolation many seniors deal with as they age. There are a few ways older people can ensure they get the social interaction they need, even when they move to assisted living. Here are a few suggestions for staying socially active: Keep in touch. Take the time to write letters and make calls to friends and relatives. You’ll find it relaxing and entertaining. Participate in activities. Assisted living facilities have many activities seniors can participate in to socialize with their peers. By attending these activities, seniors can make new friends and get the social interaction they need to avoid depression and feelings of loneliness. Get involved. Assisted living residents have many opportunities to get involved with local groups and organizations. Get out there and get active,


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