Creating Activities for Seniors with Dementia

Many caregivers struggle to create activities that seniors with dementia can participate in, but getting these seniors active is important to slowing the progress of dementia and improving their health. Many assisted living facilities have professionals with the skills and know-how to get elderly people with dementia up and moving. When seeking a facility for your loved one, be sure to check into their activities for residents living with dementia. In general, when devising activities for residents with dementia, it’s important to keep their interests in mind. For example, seniors who enjoy gardening should be included in gardening-related activities. Assisted living facility staff can help residents with diminished capacity in these activities, by simplifying activities or assisting them with the parts of the activity they are unable to do. Assisted living facility staff should work to make activities meaningful, instead of just ways to pass time. A component of achievement or lear


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