Healthy Eating Choices for Seniors

A nutritious diet is important at any age. Making healthy food choices provides special benefits to seniors. Eating well promotes health and energy, improves digestion and helps you maintain a healthy weight. Making these healthy eating choices may be easier than you think. Assisted living facilities offer a variety of healthy eating choices for seniors. If you live at home, you can create your own healthy meals by yourself or with the help of a home care expert. Simple Steps to Good Nutrition Every senior can make two highly effective and very simple healthy eating choices right away, with absolutely no extra help, planning or expense – removing salt from the table and switching to whole grain breads. Lowering your salt intake is good for your heart; simply keeping the saltshaker out of view naturally reduces your sodium consumption. Whole grain breads are high in fiber that makes you feel fuller and optimizes your digestive system. The U.S. Department of Agriculture says that olde


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