Healthy Aging and Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements add nutrition to your diet when you cannot consume enough vitamins, minerals and other nutrients your body needs to stay healthy or ward off disease. People over the age of 50 usually need to consume more vitamins and minerals than young people do. As you grow older, for example, your body has more trouble absorbing vitamin B12, which is important for healthy nerves and red blood cells. You may not get out into the sun as much, either, which could leave your body low on vitamin D. The best way to get the nutrients you need is to eat a healthy diet, of course, but that is not always possible when you grow older. You might find cooking for one or two to be time-consuming, wasteful or expensive. Your appetite may not be as hearty as it used to be when you were physically active. You might even have trouble eating because of poorly fitting dentures or an illness that causes lack of appetite. Important Vitamins and Minerals to Supplement Discuss your need for supplement


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