The Basics of Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities provide a safe and supportive living environment for mobile senior citizens. Today, about two million people live in assisted living facilities. There are about 30,000 such facilities in the United States. These facilities offer a wide range of accommodations to fit nearly every need and budget, providing a comfortable and secure place for older people to live. Who Lives in Assisted Living Facilities? Assisted living facilities are appropriate for people who need little help with daily care. Additionally, these individuals need minimal assistance with medications or require only intermittent care from a nurse. Assisted living facilities are not appropriate for those who use a wheelchair to get around, have behavioral issues such as wandering, or have severe cognitive impairment. According to the National Caregiver’s Library, the average resident of an assisted living facility is an 80-year-old mobile female with an annual average income of $30,000. Most pe


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