Foot Care for Senior Citizens

Foot care is important at any age, but especially so during your senior years. You rely on your feet – keep them healthy for a long, healthy and mobile life. Here are a few tips to help you do that. Practice good foot care and frequently check your feet for sores, cracks in the skin, and other problems. Have a family member or in home care provider check your feet if you cannot. Improve circulation into and out of your lower legs by sitting in a recliner or bed that raises your feet above the level of your heart. Gravity helps blood flow away from feet, back toward the heart. This allows fresh, oxygen-rich blood to flow into the tissue in your lower legs and feet. Stimulate circulation even more by stretching after you have been sitting for a long time. Walking, a gentle foot massage, or a warm footbath also work well. Avoid sitting for long periods, especially with your legs crossed. Get up and stretch every couple of hours. Do not wear uncomfortable or ill-fitting shoes, especiall


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